And so I cast on

Knitters know well that it is an abhorrent thing to have empty needles.  This is true even if other needles are already occupied.  I was well prepared to avoid empty needles, having placed an order with Elann for Baby Silk in two colors. The intended projects are both from Wrapped in Comfort by Alison Hyde.  Alison and I have become cyber-friends, so it was a particular pleasure to choose two shawls to put in my active queue.  The blue spruce will be the Ann Arbor Shawl, and the eggplant is already on the needles to be the Peace of My Mind shawl.

Circumstances have determined the order of knitting.  I wanted to tackle the Ann Arbor first, but just could not see it rendered in eggplant. However, eggplant needed to be the first shawl. I am a Grand Officer (State officer) in the Order of the Eastern Star of Louisiana this year.  Therefore, I end up wearing the purple formal (chosen by our Worthy Grand Matron) almost every weekend.  And, apparently unlike my fellow Louisianans, I am totally frozen out in air-conditioning.  At least, I’m shivering and they are fanning themselves.  (That’s what I get for losing weight, eh?)

Alison, you were right.  This Baby Silk yarn is the softest yarn I have ever worked with.  Yummy!