Time out!

Monday was definately not a good day.  I was soaping my left foot in the shower when my lower back went Sproing! No fun!

Then, around noon, DH phoned to say an idiot had run a red light and hit his car.  The impact was hard enough to spin our car around 180 degrees.  Could I come get him?    DH is sore, but will be ok, we think.  Can’t say the same for his Accura.  The insurance company hasn’t had time to give its final verdict, but they were certain enough that it would be totaled to have him go remove the license plate.

The diet?  Oh, that diet.  Yes, indeed, Monday was a comfort food day.  I’m back to eating on the plan now, but not able to exercise yet.  Hey, my back thinks it’s a challenge getting up out of a chair.

Weight loss reward

One of the real bummers of having been significantly overweight is that you never get to wear pretty, girlie undies.  All they make in your size is industrial-strength, “grand-maw” undies.  Yesterday, DH and I set out to make up for lost time with a trip to Victoria’s Secret.  I was so excited that I now can wear their pretties.

We found the store in a shambles. Evidently, many shoppers had hoped to find after-Christmas bargains, and had been pawing through the bins all day.  Bins of medium might yield extra small, extra large, large, and here and there a medium.  We persevered, and decided by eye-ball that a large probably equaled my size.

I finally found 5 pairs of undies that were more or less pretty, and got in the check-out line.  DH declared that he could wait out in the mall, feel free to use the credit card.  When I got to the front of the line, prudence overcame hesitation, and I asked what size my numerical undies size equaled there at Victoria’s.  The two clerks weren’t positive, but they thought a medium, rather than a large.  I put my 5 pairs back on a jumbled table, and left the store.  I didn’t have the heart to begin again.

DH was so disappointed for me — he wanted me to have a lovely experience.  His observation about the jumble was that “Victoria’s secret was out.”

We recalled that on our way into the mall we had seen a new shop, Soma  Intimates.  We knew nothing about them, but decided to pop in on our way back to the car.  What a difference:  no crowd, no jumble, helpful clerks, big sale!   Having learned from my first forray into undie shopping, I found a clerk first thing and asked about their sizing.  Medium it is.  The styles were much more to my taste — elegant femininity.  DH found a comfy chair, and I found three pairs, plus a nightshirt made of the most silky cotton knit one could imagine.  Why, yes, please put me on your mailing list.  As “Arnold” is quoted, “I’ll be back!”

Knitting opportunities, aka waiting

Today will have lots of knitting opportunities, aka waiting.  I need to go see one of my surgeons for my pre-op visit.  Mostly, she wants money up front.  Waiting room knitting has been arranged – I’m working on my brown sock for the October brown sock KAL of the Solid Sock Ravelry group. The pattern is Fern Clog Socks.  Since I live in Birkenstocks, a clog sock pattern should be lots of fun to wear.   I’m anticipating enough opportunities today that a picture should be ready soon.

Then I really must go to the Toyota dealer’s service area and have them change the oil and whatever else they say must be done at this mileage.  That certainly will be a knitting opportunity.  Le sigh.  Oh well,  I’m not about to head out for Missouri and Oklahoma with the service automobile light on.

While I’m in Baton Rouge, I should run several other errands.  I no longer run into town when something is needed, but try to make the “great circle route” of errands when I do go.  Are we having fun yet?

Week’s weight loss:  4 pounds.  Thanks for holding me accountable.

A time for simple gifts

This year I have been traveling throughout Louisiana and in adjoining states, as part of my duties as Grand Organist for the Order of the Eastern Star, State of Louisiana.  For those of you who might not be familiar with the Eastern Star, we are a fraternal and charitable organization for female relatives of master masons.  Master masons can be members, too, so it becomes a great way for husbands and wives to do charitable work.  The Grand Organist position is an appointive, state-level office.

As I was saying, I’ve been hitting the road a lot.  We are getting ready to visit Missouri and Oklahoma’s Grand Chapters in October.  I mean, could it get any better for a knitter?   Missouri’s meeting will be in St. Louis (think Loopy Ewe) and Oklahoma’s meeting will be in Guthrie (home of SWAK knitting).  These two events will be a week apart, so we will enjoy the fall weather and mosey from one to the other.

When I wrote an introduction on SWAK’s Ravelry group board, I mentioned that I had never shopped there in person, but do all of my shopping on line.  I was looking forward to seeing them when I go to Oklahoma’s Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. ( I suspected that they wouldn’t have a clue what I was writing about, other than that I was coming their way.) Keely wrote back, all excited, saying you have to see the state Masonic Temple building – it’s beautiful, and just down the street!

Wow, that’s where our meetings will be.   So now, I’m telling the other grand officers “If you can’t find me, I’m just down the street at the yarn store!”

I have put away other knitting and gone into production mode. Both Missouri and Oklahoma’s gatherings will include a breakfast meeting where everyone brings a favor for everyone else at the table. This is so much fun, to receive little gifts from people visiting from all over the country. It makes it worth getting up for breakfast! Planning a gift that I think will please the recipients, and that speaks of my talents and interests is both a challenge and a big part of the fun.   Typically, the tables seat 10, so deducting for DH and myself, I’ll need 8 gifts X 2 gatherings, 16 knitted gifts. This year,  I have been making Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth and various colors, and currently have 12 in my completed stash.

The washcloths get paired with an artisan-made soap bar.  I had envisioned the combination from the beginning, but hadn’t been to the Farmer’s Market to purchase soap.  While I was running errands one day, our lawn man knocked on the door, and gave DH a sample soap.  He said he had just begun making soaps to sell, and wanted us to try the sample.  It was a heavenly, creamy lavender…why, yes, I wanted some.  Could he make smaller bars, say, 50 of them?  You should have seen his face!  I believe it was his first order.  He went home, played with his molds, and made super-thick bars that he could cut in half for me.  They turned out wonderfully, and just fit in the little plastic bags Hobby Lobby sells for jewelry-making findings.  I present the combo tied with  narrow ribbon, with my calling card tied into the bow.  They have been well received at previous events, where the people seated at my table jockeyed for their choice of color.

Diet update:  two days of sticking with the program.  So far, so good!

Back in training

My diet began on 2/15/2007 with my weight being 274.  In a year I managed to loose 120 pounds, down to 154.  I have regained five pounds in six months, and it’s time to get back with the program.  Today I am beginning again on the full, strict program.  Back to the exercise, the adequate water intake, and eating strictly on the program.  As the old saying goes, “dance with the one what brung you”.

I am facing surgery on November 5, and this month is my chance to loose that five pounds and go into surgery in good shape.  That ought to be motivation enough, but I’m also hoping that if I put it out here in public, commit myself in the presence of my friends, it will mean even more encouragement to hang in there.

Minky says “After you exercise, save some lap time for me!”

Isn’t unconditional meezer love wonderful?

Fat Man’s Misery

As a child I visited the Wisconsin Dells with my family. We took the traditional boat trip to the sandstone formations, and walked through a narrow opening called Fat Man’s Misery. I remember that I was worried about getting stuck in the rock (thanks, Mr. Tour Guide!). I wasn’t anywhere near big enough to wedge myself, but my mental image was.

So it is, after a lifetime of being the “big girl”, that Fat Girl’s Misery is a formal portrait…until today. Today I have agreed, stepped forward when asked, volunteered to have my portrait done. Here’s the kicker: it’s for publication! The folks at Scale Down, the doctor-supervised diet program, have asked me to write up my story and have my portrait done at their expense. Here is the address for the national program: http://www.hmrprogram.com. It is a research-supported, well documented program that has helped me loose that 120 pounds and keep it off.

I’ll post the picture when I have my copy and my story. It was easier to write than I feared. I just considered it another blog post!