Antidote for sock knitter’s blues

This Louisiana gal has discovered what her northern knitting sisters have known for some time:  there is a winter antidote for the sock knitter’s blues.

On a moment of inspiration, I began knitting Christmas mittens for my beloved father-in-law.  His hands have now been twisted by arthritis; I can’t imagine how he could be comfortable in gloves.  He lives in a frigid, mid-western state and needs the warmth.  I’ve used Wool Ease because my mother-in-law died last Thanksgiving day.  Single men should not be required to deal with felt-able wool, eh?

How does this relate to sock knitting blues?  Well, my friends, if you are used to knitting fingering weight yarn on #1’s, try the instant gratification of worsted weight on #3’s.  It makes a lovely, dense weather-resistant fabric that seems to just fly off the needles.  Good for the psyche!