Voter turnout

Monday I went to our local branch of the registrar of voters to vote early, since I will be having my surgery on November 3.  I arrived at opening time, only to find about 70 people in line ahead of me.  In fact, I had to park behind an abandoned shopping center adjacent to the designated parking lot, which was chock-a-block full.

I should point out that it was my own lazy self’s fault that I faced this kind of line.  Logic had told me to go Saturday during the LSU game, and there would be no line.  But no-o-o,  a Saturday afternoon nap had so much more appeal that I didn’t go.   The Saturday evening news reported that voting was very light during the game.  The rest of the story is that Saturday afternoon was sunny and in the mid-70’s; Monday was blustery winds and 46!

This little branch of the registrar of voters shares its office building with the driver’s license bureau.  Most days of the year, the license folks have complete  control of the waiting room and they like it that way.  You can imagine their dismay at all these citizens sitting in their chairs.  Compromise was arranged by the local policewoman assigned to the event, and 60 voters were allowed inside at once.  The rest of us stood out in the wind.  And stood.  And stood!  It took about an hour to get inside, and then another half hour of waiting before our numbers were called to vote.

There were positive results to report:

  1. Wool socks are worth every bit of effort to knit and to maintain.  At least my feet were warm.
  2. Wool cardigans help, but need a windbreaker over them for full effect.  I don’t have a windbreaker or a winter coat in my size yet.
  3. People in line were very kind to each other.  No one objected to some impromptu rearranging of line so we could turn our backs to the wind.  It didn’t matter, no “you’re out of line.”
  4. Not a soul objected when the policewoman sought out voters with any handicap to pull to the front of the line.  In fact, people started hunting for deserving voters to bring to her attention.  “There’s an old woman way back in the line who was having trouble walking with a cane.”

No matter what the outcome of the local and national races, it’s been a good election here!