A magnificent cat

Long-time readers are familiar with my companion cat, Minky.  After all, it is her regal portrait that appears as my icon.  Three years ago she was diagnosed with asthma and a collapsed lung lobe.  Three years of twice-daily prednisone and bronchodilators later her fur quality had become coarser, and Minky’s beautiful chocolate pointes had faded.  Her devotion never flagged; each morning I read blogs with Minky in my lap.  She wouldn’t miss it for the world.

December 22, 2010 she came and sat by my feet in the early evening.  As I contemplated her, I realized she was once again in respiratory distress.  Dear Dr. Jason, her veterinarian, had given me his cell phone number several hospitalizations ago.  Cats, like human children, seem to have a pronounced tendency to get sick after office hours, you see.  We went into our emergency drill,  which included my injecting Minky with the syringe of medicine stored for such occasions, and met Dr. Jason at his office.  She was an exemplary patient when she was really ill (don’t  bring that stuff near her when she felt better!).  The mood was calm and efficient as Dr. Jason gave her the usual medicines, and prepared the oxygen cage for her.

As I said, we’d done all this three times before.  The next morning she would be weaned off oxygen and I could bring her home.  This time, she was again in trouble  without the oxygen, so back in the oxygen cage she went for another night away from home.  Dr. Jason marveled that most cats struggle against the oxygen, but Minky just stretched out her neck to be nearer the flow.  In fact, the usual behavior for a sick cat is to go off and hide under the bed, not present themself for treatment.

The second morning, December 24, it was clear that there had been no improvement.  Even the oxygen wasn’t giving Minky comfort.  She purred at my arrival, but couldn’t really hold her head up. I’ve always prayed for the wisdom to know when quality of life was no longer present, and that time had arrived.  DH and I signed the euthanasia  papers,  consenting to the one gift we could give Minky.

Today, one week later, I have written of Minky’s passing both in tribute to a magnificent cat and to share our experience with you.  It would have been easier to say something sanitized about “losing” my dear cat; yet I know many of you have fur children and may have to make such difficult decisions in the future.

Our priest, Fr. Chad, sites C. S. Lewis, who believed that God, who gave us the companionship and love of our fur children will surely have them waiting for us with Him in heaven.  Rest in peace, dear friend.


Sneaux Day

The local media dubbed yesterday “Sneaux Day”, and the TV stations had all-morning coverage of the snow.  Our little town is north of Baton Rouge, and got 5.5 inches of snow (BR got only 3 inches).

The meezers watched in amazement, as it was their first snow.  All three of them had a prolonged kitty nap time on my lap.  I call that “piling on”.  I was surprised that the three of them would suspend all jealous hostilities that long.  No one was willing to risk loosing a spot close to Meowmy, I guess.

At the end of the day we had our first fire, and Minky was truly grateful.  This is as relaxed as she gets!

The Lady Minky

May I introduce The Lady Minky, known to her friends as Minky. She is the senior Meezer, being two years older than Torie and Casper.  Minky is a chocolate-point Siamese, the first cat we brought home from Texas Siamese Rescue. 

Minky is well known for being a lap cat, a knitting supervisor, and a grand dame.  She has a tendency to wave her extended right paw at things she wants, and pronounce the "imperial we". 

Now that you have been properly introduced to the ladies, I should tell you about their vocabularies.  Siamese are very talkative cats, and Torie, especially, has always called me "An-wah".  It seems to be as close as she can come to "Nana", the name my grandchildren call me. 

Recently, Minky was being unceremoniously packaged in the cat carrier  for the two-block ride to her V-E-T.  She had a respiratory infection,  and really needed to be treated, despite her protests to the contrary.  When I continued to ignore her protests, Minky said "An-wah!"  Whoa, you could have knocked me over with a meezer whippy-tail!  She had learned Torie's name for me, and used it herself!  That was as big an achievement as the gorilla who taught sign language to another gorilla! 

This is a basket of sock yarn, pitifully waiting for tomorrow to begin Summer of Socks 2008.  That's Wollmeise Blue Suzanne in the center, at 2 o'clock is On Line Supersocke, Holiday, then Shibui Jonquil at 4, Fleece Artist Rose Garden at 6, Lorna's Laces Butterscotch at 8, and some purple Opal at 10.  Hiding under the pile is some Sockpixie Asparagus for Wendy's Asparagus Cable socks.

Ambitious enough for you?  Waiting is hard! 

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