It’s so dark!

I’m here, but I fear I’m not fit company, so I haven’t said much.  DH and I suspect that my mood might be caused by the winter dark.

Knitting is happening:  Acer (Ravelry link) has been knit top-down, the body complete and half of the first sleeve done.  It’s in Brown Sheep’s Lamb’s Pride Superwash, Almond Blossom. All I can say is, boy, does knitting the body back and forth and the sleeves in the round show off how uneven my back and forth knitting is.  Elizabeth Zimmermann said she used to think the old-time knitters were much better at getting a balanced stitch.  Finally, she realized they weren’t, the garments had just been washed enough times that the stitches had evened out.  One can but hope.

Last night I spend some time hunting on Ravelry looking for a shawl or scarf pattern that would look good with a handpainted laceweight yarn.  I have a skein of  Knitivity Uptown Road laceweight in “beach” colors, sand and water.   Diagonale Shawl (Ravelry link)  was designed for handpainted merino lace – perfect!  I cast on last night for a bit of a diversion, and found it quite enjoyable.  (What does a knitter do when things aren’t going well?  Cast on, of course!)  As I typed this, thoughts of Harry Potter and Diagon Ally presented themselves.  Now I’ll never see this knitting without thinking of Harry.  Oh well, that bit included Mrs. Weasley, and her prolific knitting.  One could do worse!

Lest you think I am drowning in a sea of beige yarn, I should fess up that I am also knitting Primavera socks (Ravelry link) in Wollemeise Blue Susanne.   No, I’ve never managed to get in on the feeding frenzy that is Wollemeise available at Loopy Ewe.  I won this skein last year in Sherrie’s random acts of kindness contest.

At first, I found the Primavera hard slogging because I was having difficulty getting my right needle in for the M1R and the purl 3 tog wasn’t exactly fun, either.  Yesterday, I came out of my fog long enough to realize that I should change from my pair of Addi circulars to a long Knit Picks needle and knit magic loop.  That gave me the incredible Knit Picks needle tips, and I breezed through three repeats of pattern.  It tends to pool a bit, but in a charming way.  I like Primavera, but wonder if I should frog this and try manipulating the pattern with added purls to change the color distribution.  I have a feeling that it would only change a bit, and might not be worth it.  What do you think?