The Tale of the Lobsters

When Sandy posted about eating local and the gift of a lobster, I was reminded of a lobster story.  Now, lobsters in Louisiana are not eating local.  They are flown in, and a pricey delicacy.

My butcher shared this story of his troubles with the lobster tank when he managed a supermarket.  When he came to work in the morning, he found several dead lobsters in his tank.  He cleaned the tank, made sure he had the right temperature water, and started over.  Two days later found two more dead lobsters in the morning.  This was getting expensive!  All precautions were taken again, and again, more dead lobsters!  He finally decided to make a surprise visit in the night to see if anything different was happening to the tank.  There were two stock boys, holding lobster races on the floor!

The manager fired the stock boys, and submitted all his costs for lost lobsters to his boss.  The boys were made to pay lobster reparations, and peace and harmony was restored to the fish department.