Patience rewarded!

The doorbell rang at 4:15 pm today.  The UPS truck was at the curb, so I made DH answer the door.  I wasn’t sure I was competent at the moment to hold on to the box.  It was right for him to get the package, as it was his Valentine’s gift to me.  He said it was even wrapped up!  Gotta love him!

I wrestled the wrapping off my Industriell Easel cover, and DH freed the Nook from its amazing shipping package.  Would you believe you can watch this process on many U-Tube videos?  At least I learned a few tricks from read the opening directions.  Heh!

The stockinette print skin went on just fine, and off the Nook went to charge.  Around 7:30 it had reached full charge, and I was able to register it and buy the first few books from my wish list without difficulty.  I’ve been happily reading ever since.

Now I have just one problem:  balance study/knitting/Nook time.  It’s a good life!


The watchword is patience

One would think that knitters excel in patience.  One would be wrong!  DH ordered my Nook from Barnes and Noble on January 3, which puts me in the “class of February 1”.  As more and more members of my class graduate to Nook ownership my patience grows thinner and thinner.  What’s a knitter to do?  Shop for Nooknacks!

I went to Skinit to look at Nook skins.  The variety is amazing!  Because I’ll have my Nook fastened in a case I really don’t care about the skin for the back.  My focus was on what would show around the border of the e-ink window.  I browsed through Disney, Holidays, Flowers…nothing spoke to me.  Then I clicked on Textiles, and found stockinette in 7 colors!   I chose the teal, because that’s an all-time favorite color.  When I called the Patron of the Arts to see my Nook skin, he couldn’t stop laughing, saying “That is so you!”

Here is the part where I enable your shopping:  they make the same skins for cell phones, MP3 players, laptops… if you own an electronic gadget, they have knitting for it.  Enjoy, my friend!