This one counts!

I’ve been looking at electronic stitch counters.  They have the capability of counting up to three things at once, and you toggle between the counts.  The weaknesses:  no label of what you’re counting, and a hefty price tag ($30).  I haven’t ordered one.  Needless to say, I’m still limping along with complex hash-mark notes on a large Post-it.

Until this morning…I thought to visit Handango and see if they had a counter for my Palm Tungsten PDA.  After all, the KnitAble application has been one of life’s joys.  Oh, my friends, look at CountAble! Four counters, and there is a long list of titles you can click on for each counter, such as decrease repeat, decrease row, increase repeat, increase row, pattern repeat, etc.  Best of all, it can keep track of an unlimited number of projects.  (As if a knitter would work on more than one project at once – wink, wink!)  All this goodie for only $5.95 downloaded!

Here’s a public thank-you to DH, who funded today’s joy instead of taking it out of my yarn money.   He said he’d be glad to make me happy, especially on inexpensive items.  VBG!