Easter Weekend

First and foremost, both the 8:30 and 10:00 am church services went off without a flaw.  I was so grateful that my musical offerings were what I had hoped for, and I “didn’t let the side down”.  Afterwards, at coffee hour, I told Fr. Chad that this week was like a “month of Sundays”, with the four services.  No wonder I spent so much of the last two weeks in rehearsal.

Knitting did happen, in between times on the organ bench.  I’ve managed to get a sock and 3/4 done of Brainylady’s Basic Cabled Sock. The yarn is Fleece Artist Somoko, the Midnight colorway, and is one of the skeins that I purchased from Loopy Ewe in St. Louis, MO on our October trip.  I really like the fact that the gusset grows out of the cable on each side.

Meezermeowmy has never been known as a monogamous knitter, so of course I had to start a new project.  (We’re going to Disneyworld in early May, and I’m trying to get projects to a good stage for travel knitting.)  When Swing Swing showed up in the Winter 2008 issue of Knotions, it was love at first sight.  I ordered the Colrain yarn that day, in Blue Lapis.  It’s been calling to me ever since; once I got past the heel of the second Basic Cabled Sock I felt I could cast on. Last night I got past the divide for the sleeves, and today I knit the first cable twists.  The yarn is 50% Merino/50% Tencel, and is a yummy knit.  As expected, the Merino is soft, soft, soft, and the Tencel makes for a fluid drape.  After this 16 rows increases occur to create the A-line.  They must be kept in pattern, and will require more of my attention.  Whiskers crossed!


Eventful Weekend

It’s been quite a weekend!  I knew I would be busy this next week (Holy Week) acting as substitute organist for our parish.  Our organist is a school teacher who is taking members of her class to Milan, Italy for spring break.  As you can imagine, I’ve spent much of the last week practicing.

What knitting time I could spare was used to finish the baby blanket. It was knit from winter white Red Heart Acrylic,  a yarn I seldom use.  Drawing from the wisdom of on-line knitters, I opted to machine wash and dry it to make it softer.  That really helped, and the drape was fantastic. The stitch is made by yarn over, slip one stitch, knit two, pass slipped stitch over.  The alternate rows are purled.  The stitch moves by one stitch each repeat.  The baby, Emmanuel, is continuing to improve.  He was moved out of the NICU into the regular nursery.  However, that proved to be too stressful for him, so he’s back in the NICU for now.

Then Saturday night I got a phone call that changed everything!  Our organist was planning to play the Palm Sunday service, then drive to the New Orleans airport.  Saturday the airport called to notify her that the flight time had been moved up.  She would have to leave in the middle of church service.  Could I play the last half?  I got it done, but not without some worries.  I have a Baldwin church organ in my living room, and do most of my practicing at home.  I hadn’t planned to go over to the church to reacquaint myself with the personality of that organ until Monday.   If I were scored like a figure skater my technical score would have been 9.5, but my artistic values only 8.  I’ll remedy that before Maundy Thursday.

But wait, there’s yet another twist:  a long-time parishioner died Saturday night.  The funeral mass will be Wednesday…that’s more music yet.  Fortunately, I’ve kept pretty good notes on funerals played in the past, and know what music I want to use.  I wait to hear what hymns were chosen.

Musical Compulsion

I’m compulsive about reading music.  Tonight, I was at a holiday party that had a gift exchange game.  Each person drew a number from the bag.  Mine happened to be on a slip of paper that had some music printed in the corner.  It was some time before I noticed what number I drew, because I was trying to work out what song this music fragment represented.  Was it really music, or just some artist’s idea of a pleasing graphic?  (Yes, I think it was music; no, I didn’t recognize it.)

One year Mother gave me a license plate frame for my car.  It featured a treble staff music line, and the words “Staff Car”.  When I played the music, it turned out to be “Oh, we ain’t got a barrel of money”…the first line of Side by Side.

Now, I’ve shared my compulsion.  Next time you see music wrapping paper, or note pads, or whatever, I challenge you to check out the tune.