Satisfied with “the Kiss”

It’s time to report on another trip highlight.  I’ve shopped online at SWAK Knitting for about a year.  They have been most helpful online, and I’ve enjoyed “chatting” with them on Ravelry.  Now I’ve shopped their bricks, and it did not disappoint!

Like finishing a knitting project before answering the siren call of a new one, there was some self-control involved.  When we arrived in Guthrie for Oklahoma Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, we had to drive past SWAK to get to our meetings.  There it was, on our right!  DH spotted it right away.  That was a Sunday, and they were closed, so not too much willpower was involved — on to our meeting.  Monday the pull was even greater.  They were going to be open to sell yarn.  Just down the street is a shop that speaks knitting! Courage, they  won’t run out while we fulfill our obligations.  (I must take a moment and note that Oklahoma Grand Chapter was a lovely meeting, and they showed us the warmest possible hospitality.  My counterpart from Oklahoma received me with hugs and joy that I had come.)

Tuesday morning dawned with Christmas-like anticipation.  DH had us packed and checked out of the hotel on a schedule that put me at SWAK’s door a few minutes after opening.  He rates SWAK as “husband friendly” for their comfy couch.  See the red lips pillow on the couch beside him?  It’s knit, of course.

I met Kary, knitwitchick on Ravelry.  She and I had fun looking for a good DK wool to use for the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket.  After much holding up of yarn to my complexion, DH and I agreed on some Jo Sharp Classic DK wool in Fleur. It is not silver, not pink, barely lavender, and very flattering.  I’ve given you a link to the yarn because I doubt I can capture its elusive color any better myself.

Kary was so accommodating, she even let me dig through her purse.  Wait, let me explain:  I wanted to see the new bag by Namaste, the Newport.  They didn’t have another one in the shop, but Kary was carrying her own as a purse, and invited me to investigate its pockets.  I loved it, and I was pleased that it was scaled down a bit from the Laguna I own, aka the bowling bag.  DH’s verdict on the Newport:  still too big.

DH was such a good companion that I bought him something.  This Knit Light is the perfect multi-tasking tool, per Alton Brown’s criteria (Good Eats, Food Network).  DH is an early bird, and when he wakes up early in a hotel, he’d like to read.  I, on the other hand, think the wee hours are for sleeping, and am not amused by lights being turned on.  This light is perfect:  he can read with it, I can knit with it.  It came in its own DP tube, which protects it nicely in my knitting bag.

The happy knitter returned home, laden with the fruits of her toil, to knit again another day.