Dancing in Louisiana

February is done, and it’s only July!  I finished my February Lady Sweater today. Happy dance, happy dance!   DH did the photo honors in our rose garden:

February Lady Sweater in the rose garden , lakeside

Yarn is Cotton Fleece, Antique Lace, with buttons from the Button Drawer.com
I wanted you to see my living room view, including that red rose.  It’s a Chrysler Imperial, which is a damask rose.  The damask roses have a fragrance to die for! I have had a lifetime love of the Chrysler Imperial because my grandmother grew it in front of a white picket fence that lined the back of her garden.  That was the site of many of my birthday pictures…me, a pedestal table with a birthday cake, and the roses in bloom.  Happy times!

Knitterly pictures, at last

Progress has been made on a regular basis; photography, not so much. Finally, there are pictures to show you. I have finished the Limbo socks, a gift from Robin S in New Braunsfels. I’ll enter them in the next two-week period of SOS08.

This is my first pair knit in DK weight yarn. I was surprised and pleased that a) I had enough yarn for a pair; and b) they fit. Oh, I of little faith. Both are always good outcomes, eh?

Since I had a completed pair of socks in hand for the next Summer of Socks 2-week entry, I felt free to knit on my February Lady Sweater. I’ve been using it for my travel knitting as we traverse the state every weekend with Eastern Star. DH told me to go ahead and order buttons from http://www.buttondrawer.com. That was a tremendous incentive to knit on! I finished the first sleeve this morning, and took the second off the waste yarn.

It’s Cotton Fleece in Antique Lace color. That should be perfect for “uber-air-conditioning” that folks seem to prefer.