Check with Archie

Last night I actually got cleaned up into a proper dress and jewelry to attend a funeral visitation.  When we got home I changed out of my dress to comfy clothes, but kept my turquoise cross and earring set on.  At bedtime I reached up to remove my right earring before changing to jammies….and there was none!

Now, I love that turquoise set.  It is a squash blossom cross on a turquoise necklace, and the earrings are simple dangles that match the necklace beads.  DH gave it to me to commemorate my installation as Grand Organist of Louisiana Order of the Eastern Star last year.

As you can imagine, a frantic search began.    Perhaps the earring pulled out of my ear when I took the dress off over my head.  I searched my closet thoroughly – no earring.  DH thought the shoulder belt of my seat belt might have pulled it off, and checked the car and garage – no earring.  I went to bed sad that I had apparently lost the earring, but with the outside chance that someone would have turned it in at the funeral home.  Plans were made to arrive early for the funeral the next morning to be able to ask after the missing earring.

All was routine this morning:  coffee and computer, a bite of breakfast, then Minky’s morning medications at 8:30.  The cats have their own ritual surrounding the dose.  It began when Minky was put on prednisone, as it is very unpleasant on an empty stomach.  Minky had to have treats, and if there was to be peace, so did the rest of the cats.

After the last cat had gotten the treats, I looked down and there was Archie, spread out on the floor and looking up at me. Between his paws he had the turquoise earring!  I’ll always know which one he found for me, as it now has tooth pock-marks.  I’ll treasure those, too, because they will always remind me of the time Archie brought me a present – my earring.


Finished Object Friday

I’m pleased to report I’ve finished a scarf for DH (aka my Patron of the Arts).  He chose the yarn color some time ago.  No surprise, it is Knit Picks Swish DK in Garnet Heather.  It looks very similar to the yarn he chose for his sweater last year. 

The pattern is called Toyboy Scarf, but I choose to call it Bob’s Cabled Scarf.  We’re both more than a few years past the Toyboy designation.

I was very pleased that even though we are both retired, and he is around my knitting all the time I was able to keep this one low-key enough to surprise him at the end.  I finally brought it to his attention when I had almost finished the fourth skein to get his approval on the length. ” One more cable twist, please” was the verdict. I had less than a yard left of the last skein when I finished the scarf.  Oh, there was more in the closet, but it certainly seemed a shame to have to add on more yarn in the closing rounds.  Didn’t have to go there – heh!

Yes, he is modeling his new scarf with a short-sleeved shirt.  It was about 70 degrees at 10 am when I took the picture.  Louisiana will be cold enough to enjoy wearing a scarf in another month or two…but I’m ready!

It’s time for an Archie update.  At his first vet assessment at the end of August he weighed 5 lb. 4 oz.  This week he weighs 11 lb., and has most of a year to grow!  He has calmed down just a bit, at least enough to enjoy his first kitty nap time in a lap. Here then, is photo evidence of “two white-footed gentlemen” enjoying a good read.

Moosey evidence

Several readers have mentioned they would like to have a comparison of that cute little kitten we adopted in August and the Moose of October.  Your wish is my command:  Archie the Kitten

and Archie the Moose!

He’s gone from 5 lb. 4 oz. at his first visit to the vet to 9 lb. 6 oz. today.  That’s because he eats more than the three adult cats, combined.  Archie already weighs as much as Casper…Casper just looks larger, ’cause he’s fluffy!

Archie, aka The Big Moose

I mentioned a few days ago that Archie is getting to be a big moose!  Here he is by the dining room chair legs, for scale.  Of course, he’s still growing! He’s so long-legged that he can put his arm down in an iced tea glass and touch the inside bottom to feel what’s there.  (Yes, he does that.  Guard your glass!)

Tuesday was Casper, our flame point meezer’s annual vet check-up.  DH was preparing to walk him over, as Casper is bonded to DH.  (Nothing like Daddy for comfort when they’re poking and prodding a fellow.)  First, Archie climbed into the basket under the stroller.  By the time I could grab the camera, he was out again, alarmed for Casper.  “Hang on, Casper, I’ll get that zipper open!”

DH reported that Casper survived his annual check-up with good graces.  Since he is an inside cat only, he had plenty of commentary on the scents and sights during the walk over.

The Perfect Match

This June I was fortunate enough to win a blog prize from Margene of Zeneedle fame.  She was not only generous, but also inquired of my favorite colors.  I responded that I had never met a blue or a green I didn’t like (except green tea).  Margene sent me this lovely gift package, and the search was on for the perfect pattern to match the yarn.

The yarn was a generous 500 yards, and I didn’t want to use only a fraction of  it.  Several scarf patterns failed their auditions.  The yarn waited, continuing to call to me softly from the safety of a cat-proof bag.  Finally, I blew an afternoon scrolling through Ravelry patterns.  Multnomah caught my eye, and the yarn was cast on before the printer ink dried.  Eight days later it was ready for its close up. The pattern called for 10 repeats and 412 yards of yarn.  This yarn, Brooklyn Handspun’s Soft Spun, Winters Welcome had that wonderful 500 yards,  allowing me to knit 15 repeats.  I love a generous shawl, and haven’t found a place in my life for “shawl-lets”.

Would you have believed this could be knit from a skein of sock yarn?  I’m so happy!

Multnomah reached FO stage just in time.  Yesterday the mailman brought my KnitPicks’s package containing eight skeins of City Tweed DK, the Tabby color.  I’d been looking for a project for this yarn ever since Knitnana started talking about knitting a shawl with City Tweed.  Right after Multnomah hit the blocking board I cast on Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl. This pattern is intended for a tweed yarn, and the City Tweed doesn’t disappoint.  Its alpaca content makes you want to keep on knitting, keep on petting the yarn.  Again, I’ve bought more yarn than the pattern called for because I want a shawl to snuggle in.  (What is it with these dinky shawls that look like big neckerchiefs?  Instant gratification, I suppose.)

Archie is growing like a weed, up to 9 pounds from the 5 pounds 4 ounces he weighed when he arrived,  and calming down only a bit.  He spent some kitty nap time in DH’s lap yesterday for the first time.  Blocking my shawl was a whole ‘nother adventure, though.  I might as well have been waving a kitty lazer about as threading the wires through the shawl.  Archie made several frantic and successful jumps onto the blocking board before he was banished to the guest room.  Once the shawl was blocked I took the entire board out to the garage to dry, and released the less-than-repentant Archie to pillage and burn once more.

Piteous Wails

There are piteous wails coming from our guest room this morning.  Archie has been unceremoniously shut in since 7 pm last night. The food and water dishes were removed, and there has been no mercy!

In a few minutes I’m going to pop him in his cat stroller and walk him to the vet.  As Gary Larson drew in his Far Side cartoon, he’s “going to the vet to get tutored!”  While he is “sleeping through class” there, we will also have him micro-chipped.

I’m hoping that with less kitty testosterone around the house his Kato traits may go recessive.  So do the meezers!

Sorry the blog was quiet for so long.  I had a little health scare last week, and it took until yesterday to get all the test results back.  As I suspected, all was normal, and they patted me on the head and said “there, there, dear”.  DH insists it was worth every penny, so if he’s happy, I’m happy.

Not now, Cato!

Do you recall the Pink Panther movies, where Inspector Clouseau had arranged with his servant, Cato, to attack him by surprise?  It was part of Clouseau’s training, to be ready at any time.  Cato usually attacks at the most inconvenient times.  Here is one of the better clips.

That is what life has been like with Archie.  Oh, he looks innocent here, but believe me, we spend a lot of time yelling “Not now, Cato!”  Just try walking across a quiet room, and suddenly there Archie is, wrapped around one of your knees, claws out, gnawing off your kneecap in mock attack.

We celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary this week, and DH, as is his custom, bought beautiful flowers to mark the occasion.

Aren’t they lovely?  DH is very fond of fall colors, thus our September anniversary.  Who wouldn’t love flowers and candle light?

Perhaps you have guessed that DH’s custom is to give flowers in honor of our anniversary to St. Patrick’s Episcopal.  Here is the full view.  I think they were absolutely lovely!  Thank you, dear.  I feel very celebrated!