It’s been a bumpy ride!

Do you remember the last scene in The Wizard of Oz?  Dorothy wakes up in her bed in Kansas surrounded by Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, the three farm hands and Professor Marvel.   This last week I lived out that scene.

My surgery on Monday was uneventful, and the doctors were happy.  I got back to my hospital room in time to watch Dancing with the Stars with DH, although I dozed through much of it.  Tuesday morning my aide came in to get me ready for the day.  She prepared me to sit up on the side of the bed, and then to take a few steps.  I expected that to happen;early ambulation is part of avoiding blood clots.  I remember her helping me to roll to sitting on the side of the bed.  The next thing I remember is having a room full of medical staff working on me.  It seems I went out cold before I could even attempt standing.  The aide very wisely had pulled the code blue button and the cavalry had arrived.  It turned out that I had an internal bleed, and it took 4 units of blood to get me up to a level that would be safe to return to surgery. Late Tuesday afternoon they took me back for two more hours to get all the leaks sealed up.  Before discharge I received 6 units of blood – a full “oil change”.

As the week wore on, nurse after nurse would stop in to chat, and say “I was there that morning”.  The Oz scene came vividly to mind.

I’m feeling better each day, and cautiously resuming my life.  I went a whole week without knitting a stitch or reading a paragraph.  Now you know it hit me hard!  It’s good to be home!