Christmas report

We started our Christmas with the 10:30 services at our church.  The body of the service was the Christmas Eve service.  As we came to the close of the service Father Chad, the crucifer, and the two Eucharistic Ministers (acting as torch bearers) brought the Gospel to the midst of the congregation and read the Christmas Gospel.  It was so special!  (And yes, I was wide awake for the whole service.  And no, no hand-held candles this year, but the closing hymn was Silent Night.)

Knitting related gifts abound:  it looks like a library here!  Yippee!  I had given DH a list of books I wanted, some mystery series I read, some purely knitting.  I expected him to choose one.  Cooperatively with our first-born daughter, he got them all!  (I’ll give you Amazon links, in case a book title is new to you.)

  • Knit Two by Kate Jacobs.  I loved the Friday Night Knitting Club, can’t wait to read more about those characters.
  • Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn by Carol Sulcoski.  I’ve read Carol’s blog for ever, and am such a sock knitter.  This one was from DD.
  • Thai Die by Monica Ferris.  This mystery series is based in a needlework shop that was inherited by the “star” of the story.  Each book has featured different crafts, from needlepoint to knitting…but then, I know how to do those things, too.
  • Death Swatch by Laura Childs.  This is a scrapbooking mystery.  I haven’t taken up that craft, but the book series is set in New Orleans (and well researched).  I love Laura Childs other series, the Charleston Tea Shop Mysteries, too.

I won’t go on to list non- knitting gifts; be assured that my family pampered me, surprised me, and made me feel very special.  Now, I have even more problems:  not only do I have to decide what to knit next, I must decide what to read first.  What a delightful dilemma!