Piteous Wails

There are piteous wails coming from our guest room this morning.  Archie has been unceremoniously shut in since 7 pm last night. The food and water dishes were removed, and there has been no mercy!

In a few minutes I’m going to pop him in his cat stroller and walk him to the vet.  As Gary Larson drew in his Far Side cartoon, he’s “going to the vet to get tutored!”  While he is “sleeping through class” there, we will also have him micro-chipped.

I’m hoping that with less kitty testosterone around the house his Kato traits may go recessive.  So do the meezers!

Sorry the blog was quiet for so long.  I had a little health scare last week, and it took until yesterday to get all the test results back.  As I suspected, all was normal, and they patted me on the head and said “there, there, dear”.  DH insists it was worth every penny, so if he’s happy, I’m happy.


Knitting Resorcefulness

Last week I had to take DD to a dental appointment.  (She doesn’t drive, and her husband had to work.)  There I was, knitting away (surprise, surprise!) on a mitten, and came to the point where the thumb should go on a piece of waste yarn.  At home I keep a small left-over ball of crochet thread just for the purpose.  I reached for the crochet thread and realized it was just that…at home.

It was early in the appointment, and the prospect of actually waiting in the waiting room loomed before my eyes.  Horrors!  Grasping for threads, I went to the reception desk with my knitting in hand, and begged for 8 inches of dental floss.  They gave me a whole package of my very own!  Now, for the finicky knitter, I should mention that it is difficult to get a good tight knot in waxed dental floss.  Other than that, life is good.

Not now, Cato!

Do you recall the Pink Panther movies, where Inspector Clouseau had arranged with his servant, Cato, to attack him by surprise?  It was part of Clouseau’s training, to be ready at any time.  Cato usually attacks at the most inconvenient times.  Here is one of the better clips.

That is what life has been like with Archie.  Oh, he looks innocent here, but believe me, we spend a lot of time yelling “Not now, Cato!”  Just try walking across a quiet room, and suddenly there Archie is, wrapped around one of your knees, claws out, gnawing off your kneecap in mock attack.

We celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary this week, and DH, as is his custom, bought beautiful flowers to mark the occasion.

Aren’t they lovely?  DH is very fond of fall colors, thus our September anniversary.  Who wouldn’t love flowers and candle light?

Perhaps you have guessed that DH’s custom is to give flowers in honor of our anniversary to St. Patrick’s Episcopal.  Here is the full view.  I think they were absolutely lovely!  Thank you, dear.  I feel very celebrated!


The course I am taking requires us to write a spiritual biography at the beginning of the year.  This year the format asks that we describe our life in terms of friends, physical life, and play life.  If I were writing about my play life for you to read, I would simply refer to the knitting/blogging/Ravelry lifestyle.  However, for these muggles I have a lot of explaining to do.  The nuances will still be lost, I fear.

I finished my Mother’s Day socks last night.  DD gave me yarn for two pairs of socks; this pair is Knit Picks Essential in Peacock Multi (purple/green/robin’s egg blue). It’s perfect:  she loves purple, and her name is Robyn.  The cuff was knit in 2 x 2 rib.  When the yarn behaved very nicely in that pattern, I carried it on for the whole sock.

Alison blogged about having to re-learn Kitchener stitch after a long time of not using it.   As I read her blog, I was reminded of today’s tech tip.  The most versatile knitting tool you have in your purse is a cell phone with another knitter’s phone number in the contacts.  You see, I often take socks as my road-trip knitting.  Last year I had to call my knitting DD in Texas several times to tell me how to set up the Kitchener stitch.  I can do the stitch with the best of them once I get started–my mind just can’t keep the pattern stored.  Finally, I saw and purchased a Kitchener dog tag key chain from Knitcellaneous.  It’s a delightful gadget, and I never leave home without it.