Triumphant weekend for Meezermeowmy

As Garrison Keeler is wont to say about Lake Woebegone, “It’s been quite a week here”.  First, to tie up some loose ends.  The refrigerator is humming along, with ice cubes in abundance in its freezer, and the floor warm and dry.  All is well in my kitchen, and no hidden charges appeared in the repair process.  A compressor relay did die in the stress of repeatedly trying to bring up the compressor, but the repairman had one of those parts on his truck, and replaced it without additional charge.

Knitnana wanted photographic proof of the Oscar Meier weiner-mobile sighting. As Irish luck would have it, it was in town for the St. Patrick Day’s parade.  (No, I didn’t attend that rain-soaked event.  My deductions were prompted by the shamrock stickers on the windshield and all over the bun. ) We saw it one more time Sunday afternoon, and DH volunteered to circle the block and get a picture.  Thanks, honey.   I’m amused by the “sandwich” being in compliance with the One Way sign in the photo, even though it is in the parking lot.

My big social event this weekend was a tea honoring the Eastern Star state officers of our area .  As Grand Organist I was one of the honorees.   Our year is coming to a finish, with Grand Chapter in another week, so the reception was our final celebration.  This is the entire reception line.  I was a good girl, and put my knitting down for the occasion.   (I’m second from the right.)Here’s a closer shot.  I’m in the middle, surrounded by Susan, our Grand Marshal, and Faye, Friend of a Feather.

So many friends came to honor us.  Here I’m greeting Melanie and Norma.   Melanie is Worthy Matron of Baton Rouge Chapter.  Norma has served loyally as my Page this year.

The tea tables were lovely, decorated using a St. Patrick’s  Day theme. 

Knitting on the baby blanket hit high gear Sunday afternoon, and I’ve made it to 30 inches (out of 40).  Once more, Fr. Chad dropped a Sunday morning bombshell on us, announcing that the baby (a boy) had been born 9 weeks early. ( My first reaction was “No-o-o, he can’t be born yet, I have so much knitting left to do!”)   He will be called Emmanuel, and weighed in at 2.5 pounds.  Emmanuel is reported to be doing well, coming off pressurized oxygen already.  Mom is in intensive care with blood pressure problems, and the new Dad is wearing out his shoes pacing between the NICU and the ICU.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

Refrigerator 1, knitter 0

In the continuing saga, as they used to say on Electric Company, the repair man came yesterday.  He looked it over, and said it has a computer board that has gone stupid.  He took careful record of our model number, and said he would have to get a part.  Hopefully he will return with one today.

Meanwhile, I’m mopping water in front of the refrigerator again.  Ceramic tile floors are incredibly slippery when wet.  I usually find a puddle by slipping in the edge of it.  Surprise!   So no freezer, and possibly none all weekend.  The good news is he estimates $70 labor + $60 part.  That sure beats having to spend over a thousand dollars for a new refrigerator.  This one is only 5+ years old.

Yesterday, as I came down off Interstate 110 in Baton Rouge I saw in front of me something I had dreamed of seeing since I was a child.  It was the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile.  Now, I should explain that the Oscar Meyer Co. is headquartered in Davenport, IA.  We lived south of there, but close enough that WOC-TV in Davenport was our main channel.  I never got to see this fancy rolling hot dog in Iowa, but there it was in front of me!  I got so excited that I whipped out the cell phone and called DH.  The afore-mentioned repairman was just finishing up at the house, and in an extreme coincidence, the repairman had emigrated to Louisiana from Davenport 16 years ago.  Two Davenport connections in one hour!

Fast forward to 9 pm last night, when we were driving our daughter back to her apartment after an Eastern Star meeting.  There, in the parking lot of a hotel, was the Weiner-mobile for DH and our daughter to see, also.  Perfect end of a day where the appliance triumphed.

Today, we shall see!

Appliances vs. knitters

So what is it with appliances vs. knitters?  First the Harlot lost Mr. Washee, now she is doing battle with her dishwasher.  I could enjoy that from afar, but when the battle came to my own kitchen it wasn’t any fun anymore.

This very refrigerator, seen posing behind Casper, betrayed us yesterday.  (Why is the cupboard door open?  Because Casper opened it, that’s why.  He does that when he is bored…a lot!)It’s malfunction was discovered by DH, who walked through a puddle of ice water in front of the refrigerator.  That’s the same spot that the cats love because it is all warm and toasty and, well, dry.  Except it wasn’t any of those things.  The only warm and toasty spot was coming to be in the freezer.  That’s just so wrong!

DH, being an efficient geek, bless him, pulled out the appliance file with the extended warranty and made the call.  The clerk on the other end tried the ploy of speaking barely above a whisper at all times so he couldn’t be heard by mortal ears.  DH persevered, and got them to have their local service rep call.

Twenty-four hours later, when the call came, the freezer had revered to its proper frozen state, as if nothing had happened.  Drat!  DH told the service people that.  Would you believe they said “Ah, ha!  That means it is one of three parts.”  It seems to be a recognizable failure of the automatic defrost getting stuck.  They are to come out Thursday…we shall see.  Perhaps I could tempt fate and ask why my cold water dispenser puts out warm water?