Playing Hooky

There are times that studying the Old Testament just doesn’t have the lure of a new knitting project.  This weekend was one of those times.  I had browsed through Ravelry patterns looking at Tams, and rediscovered the Three Tams pattern.  There’s the link, now you can play, too.

The yarn made me do it!  I mean, there it was a materials list that called for Plymouth Galway Worsted and Noro Silk Garden.  I knew I had both in my stash, left over from other projects.  In fact, the skein of Noro that remained was purchased in Redondo Beach, CA the day before my granddaughter Maggie’s birth.  It would be a real shame to leave that in stash!

The pattern was a joy to knit, and a great opportunity to practice stranding technique.  My only disappointment was that this Noro is blue and green, but the color change is so long that the tam never got to the green!  Folks who know me well know I love blue and green, but green is my first love. 

I suspect I have enough Noro remaining to try again.  The pattern is for three tams, so new knitting adventures await.  However,  my weekly seminar is tomorrow, and the homework can’t wait any longer.  Back in the stash, Noro!

There is purse knitting, of course.  I’m racing to the toe of the second sock in a blue colorway of Online.  Hopefully pictures will follow yet this week.