A Happy Surprise Ending

Sunday DH and I were scheduled to serve as Eucharistic Ministers at our church.  (That means we assist with the service, especially in serving the communion.)  When we arrived we found the baptismal font set up for a baptism, a happy surprise for us.  DH greeted Fr. Chad, and inquired what assistance he would want for the baptism (hold the book, Fr. would hold the baby, no problem).

Then came the bombshell…oh yes, and after church there would be a wedding, too.  Wedding!  We had to be at a 2 pm function in another town!  Fr. Chad said not to worry, it would be a small wedding, family only, and very short.  No more information was given in the press of congregation arriving and putting on our robes.

The service went well, with the baptism being a great success.  There were about 30  “Smith” family members present to witness the baptism, and the baby was a happy fellow.  I must confess my mind wandered during the sermon, trying to figure out who the bride and groom might be.

At the close of the service, Fr. Chad asked the “Smith” family (name changed for the internet) to remain for just a minute or two after the service.  I am certain that they all expected to witness a signing of a baptismal certificate, pose for pictures with the baby and Fr. Chad, and so forth.  Then Fr. Chad stepped to the front of the church, and began “Dearly Beloved…”  There was such a collective gasp from the family that I thought they would suck the candles out!  The young parents were the bride and groom, and their wedding was a surprise to their family!

It was a lovely, simple service with no bouquets or fancy dresses.  They each had one attendant as their witnesses, and she had tipped off  one girlfriend who took pictures for them.  I have to tell you, like the family, I’m still smiling!

1 Comment

  1. AlisonH said,

    November 17, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Everybody was together and it all came together. Beautiful!

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