At Sea for Pentecost

Yesterday was Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples, and the birthday of the Christian church.  We had a lovely service, marked by the first attendance of baby Emmanuel (the premie I knit a white blanket for).

At home, I decided to mark the day by doing something different.  I put aside the two sweaters I’m knitting for moi, and worked on a scarf for Christmas at Sea.  Last year I knit scarf and cap sets for them as I traveled in the car.  This year I’m not on the road every weekend (whew!), and have to make an effort to keep my charity knitting in the schedule.  This weekend, to show for my renewed efforts, I completed a long-ignored cap which went with a scarf that was done.  I also cast on and knit 2/3 of a scarf for a new set.  I’m feeling so productive!

The Knit Before Christmas, their newsletter for 2009, arrived this week and prompted me back into action.  You’ll want to go take a look, because there are several neat patterns included for using up scrap yarn.

In addition, there is a project for sending personal care items that non-knitters could help with, too.  DH and I are buying the items a bit at a time, to have a packet to go with each knit gift by shipping time.  He was very helpful at finding a hypoalergenic, non-scented hand lotion as our first purchase.  DH is taller than I, and has the useful talents of being able to read fine print higher than I can, and then being able to actually reach the bottles.   I just love my tall, handsome hubby!


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  1. AlisonH said,

    June 2, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    UFOs are wonderful in how they let us have a sense of accomplishment so fast when they magically turn into FOs.

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