Refrigerator 1, knitter 0

In the continuing saga, as they used to say on Electric Company, the repair man came yesterday.  He looked it over, and said it has a computer board that has gone stupid.  He took careful record of our model number, and said he would have to get a part.  Hopefully he will return with one today.

Meanwhile, I’m mopping water in front of the refrigerator again.  Ceramic tile floors are incredibly slippery when wet.  I usually find a puddle by slipping in the edge of it.  Surprise!   So no freezer, and possibly none all weekend.  The good news is he estimates $70 labor + $60 part.  That sure beats having to spend over a thousand dollars for a new refrigerator.  This one is only 5+ years old.

Yesterday, as I came down off Interstate 110 in Baton Rouge I saw in front of me something I had dreamed of seeing since I was a child.  It was the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile.  Now, I should explain that the Oscar Meyer Co. is headquartered in Davenport, IA.  We lived south of there, but close enough that WOC-TV in Davenport was our main channel.  I never got to see this fancy rolling hot dog in Iowa, but there it was in front of me!  I got so excited that I whipped out the cell phone and called DH.  The afore-mentioned repairman was just finishing up at the house, and in an extreme coincidence, the repairman had emigrated to Louisiana from Davenport 16 years ago.  Two Davenport connections in one hour!

Fast forward to 9 pm last night, when we were driving our daughter back to her apartment after an Eastern Star meeting.  There, in the parking lot of a hotel, was the Weiner-mobile for DH and our daughter to see, also.  Perfect end of a day where the appliance triumphed.

Today, we shall see!


1 Comment

  1. Knitnana said,

    March 13, 2009 at 11:47 am

    No photo of the Oscar Mayer dog?
    Good luck with the fridge!!!

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