Yarn petting at the appliance store

Yesterday, DH asked for a mug of tea.  I popped a mug of water into the microwave and hit the button.  It roared at me, and belched a nasty, electrical insulation smell.  I immediately turned it back off, and called DH to the kitchen.  We tried it again, with the same results:  dead microwave!  It’s a built-in, as old as the house (about 9 years).

DH set about dismanteling the built-in microwave, and taking measurements.  I whipped out my trusty camera, and took pictures to document the set-up. 

Armed with measurements and the pictures, we set off to our local big-box home improvement store. The clerk was less than helpful, and didn’t even want to look at the pictures.   All they had to offer was above-the-range microwaves, which were too big for our cabinet.

So, a bit discouraged, we headed for their competitor, big-box home improvement store #2, in Baton Rouge.  Their clerk was much more knowledgeable, in that she knew right away that they had nothing that would work for us.  She did suggest an appliance store in BR that we had done business with before.

Back to the car, and off to the appliance store.  We were greeted by a friendly lady who actually looked at my pictures, and knew immediately what we needed.  Not only did they have something that would work, but we had a choice of three brands!  And yes, they had the built-in kits that fit each brand, and would fit our cabinet.  What a concept!

As DH was talking to this helpful clerk and writing up our order, my glance fell on a knitting bag on the counter.  “Who’s the knitter?”  The second young clerk was working on her third scarf, having learned at Knits by Nana, one of our LYS’s.  (I wish I could have taken her picture, but by then my camera battery was begging to be recharged.)  I obligingly showed off my hand-knit socks, and my Chic Knits Hoodie.  Both clerks oohed and ahhed over  the knitting, and begged to pet the sweater.

After that delightful yarn-fest, we loaded up the new microwave and its conversion kit, and headed home, where DH did a masterful job of removing all the old kit and installing the new.  Guess which store will get our business when our 25-year-old washer needs to be retired?



  1. AlisonH said,

    February 5, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Good for them, and congratulations on the new one! And it’s always so gratifying to find another knitter–there’s just something celebratory about it.

  2. Jennifer said,

    February 6, 2009 at 6:44 am

    RIP microwave. I’m glad you finally found a friendly store. That yarn petting may have been the part to really throw the balance in their favor. Very smart salespeople. ; )

  3. Knitnana said,

    February 6, 2009 at 10:21 am

    You know….there’s a great deal to be said for GOOD customer service – and the big box stores desperately need to take lessons!
    SO happy it was a good outcome, but wish you hadn’t had to drive all over to get it!
    And Knitters Have Power!

  4. Birdsong said,

    February 7, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    Nice story! I don’t have any big box stores around here, but certainly agree that the smaller ones are often far more helpful and savvy. We substituted a mimi-microwave when our’s pulled the same trick just after Christmas, but it is only a delay tactic for the inevitable shopping trip, as the power is much lower, meaning it needs to run longer!

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