The Geek Knits, Part 2

I have a lot of knitting patterns that I have printed out.   Patterns have a way of disappearing from the internet; go back for one you loved and you could have your heart broken. I have them;  the trick is finding them again in my studio.

The patterns are kept in page protectors, organized in notebooks with index dividers.  ( DH knows to ask on his way out the door to Office Depot “Need any more page protectors?”  It’s on his list, like bananas and milk.)

The next logical step was a table of contents, which I typed up as a Word document, saved the document in computer memory, and printed it out.  The printed copy becomes the first page of the notebook.    Having it as a saved document means that if there is room in the notebook to add more patterns, I can type the new titles on the end of the list, and print out just the last page.  This sure beats starting over each time!

When I knit a pattern I take it out of the notebook collection and keep those page-protected sheets in my knitting bag…or beside me on the sofa, whatever.  Part of celebrating a finished object is putting the pattern back in the notebook.  Now, don’t laugh at me too much, please, but it took years for this lightbulb to come on.  I finally realized that I could save myself all the effort of hunting for the correct slot  by simply penciling the index number on the upper corner of the pattern when I pull it from the notebook … “#17”.

Why, yes, I could have done this when I set up the notebooks.  I told you it took a long time for my lightbulb moment.  For now, it doesn’t matter if they all have numbers…only the one I take out has to find its way back home.



  1. Marsha said,

    January 12, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Good idea! I even go as far as to photo copy patterns from the book they are in and use the copy instead of the book. That way I can write all over the copy if necessary and don’t have to worry about a messy book.

  2. Knitnana said,

    January 12, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    I have most of my patterns in page protectors. Not in the notebooks yet.

    When I buy a pattern online (or just find a free one I want) I save it both at work and on my home computer. I’ve about decided I need a memory stick for all my patterns…

    Hm. Wonder if I have to wait till I retire to get everything in the notebooks?
    You are so inspiring – I’d never have thought of the “table of contents” nor would it have occured to me to number them – hey? How about using tape flags and writing the number on those, attached to the pattern page protector?

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