Premier of “the geek knits”

This is the premier of “the geek knits”.  Today, I’m  using modern technology to solve problems caused by older eyes.  I downloaded the pattern for the Celtic Cable Scarf, a free pattern from Kraemer Yarns.  It is a written, not charted, pattern;  that’s not a problem for someone who learned to knit in the 1950’s.  The size of the print is, however.  Oh, I could read it, but I would need to pay careful attention to those 16 rows of cable pattern, over and over.  Not fun.  So here is how I fixed it:

First,  I used my mouse to highlight the text of the pattern, and clicked “copy” under edit.  (Sometimes you can just highlight and right mouse click to have “copy” pop up as an option.  It didn’t work on this pdf file.)

Second, I opened a blank Word document, then right clicked my mouse on it, and selected “paste”.  Now I had a second copy of too small instructions.  Great, you say.  Just wait…

Third, go to the control bar at the top of your page and click on the number beside the font.  (Mine started out saying “Times New Roman” and “12”, in case this is new to you.)  I changed the 12 to 24.  Presto, large type, but run together a bit.  I went to the end of each row’s instructions and hit “enter”, which put a space between the knitting rows.

Forth, print.  I got my pattern on two pages, which I inserted in a plastic page protector.

I suspect that many of you knew how to do some or all of this, but hadn’t considered using the technique to enlarge a knitting pattern.  You say you’re a chart knitter?  I often do something similar, copying and pasting the chart for a sock pattern.  Once it is on the Word document, you can click on a corner of the chart and drag it down diagonally to enlarge the chart.  I like to print sock charts out on light card stock, then cut out just the chart square.  This little/big chart fits nicely in my sock knitting bag.



  1. Knitnana said,

    December 29, 2008 at 10:49 am

    Didn’t know about putting the charts into Word, but I’ve enlarged written instructions before. I’ve not tried to cut and paste from pdf to doc tho.’

    Thanks for the details!!!

  2. tina said,

    December 29, 2008 at 11:10 am

    What we do for older eyes. Sigh. But a bit of creativity does get the job done~!

    Thanks for your comment on the KC blog, I so appreciate your words and you are definitely right! I think that doing what you can with a smile seems to be the ticket for many things—- including a back gone awry!

    Hugs also for the weight loss, I’ve found mine and will sadly begin starting anew. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

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