Weight loss reward

One of the real bummers of having been significantly overweight is that you never get to wear pretty, girlie undies.  All they make in your size is industrial-strength, “grand-maw” undies.  Yesterday, DH and I set out to make up for lost time with a trip to Victoria’s Secret.  I was so excited that I now can wear their pretties.

We found the store in a shambles. Evidently, many shoppers had hoped to find after-Christmas bargains, and had been pawing through the bins all day.  Bins of medium might yield extra small, extra large, large, and here and there a medium.  We persevered, and decided by eye-ball that a large probably equaled my size.

I finally found 5 pairs of undies that were more or less pretty, and got in the check-out line.  DH declared that he could wait out in the mall, feel free to use the credit card.  When I got to the front of the line, prudence overcame hesitation, and I asked what size my numerical undies size equaled there at Victoria’s.  The two clerks weren’t positive, but they thought a medium, rather than a large.  I put my 5 pairs back on a jumbled table, and left the store.  I didn’t have the heart to begin again.

DH was so disappointed for me — he wanted me to have a lovely experience.  His observation about the jumble was that “Victoria’s secret was out.”

We recalled that on our way into the mall we had seen a new shop, Soma  Intimates.  We knew nothing about them, but decided to pop in on our way back to the car.  What a difference:  no crowd, no jumble, helpful clerks, big sale!   Having learned from my first forray into undie shopping, I found a clerk first thing and asked about their sizing.  Medium it is.  The styles were much more to my taste — elegant femininity.  DH found a comfy chair, and I found three pairs, plus a nightshirt made of the most silky cotton knit one could imagine.  Why, yes, please put me on your mailing list.  As “Arnold” is quoted, “I’ll be back!”


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