Knitting secret revealed

We’ve all been keeping Christmas knitting secrets.  Little knitting content has been blogged here or on others blogs.  However, today I had to fess up to what I’ve been knitting.  Up to this point, I had been sitting on the sofa, knitting away.  DH is used to seeing that, and didn’t actually see what I was knitting.

Today I reached the point where all the pieces had to be blocked.  Not only is it hard to miss that as you walk through the dining room, but also he is the architect of the blocking boards.  When I need to use both blocking boards, he knows which books to pull from the bookcase to shim under the corners of the second one (it extends out onto a card table placed at the end of the dining room table.)

So this morning, I placed in his lap the unblocked pieces of the sweater he had asked for.  The pattern is the Charcoal Ribbed Cardigan by Kate Kuckro.  I knit it in elann’s superwash chunky in maroon.  DH was very specific in his cardigan wants:  a shawl collar was #1.  He had ok’d this pattern, and chosen the yarn color.  The surprise was that he didn’t know I had begun his sweater;  he thought I was slogging away on a sweater for me.

I have high hopes of actually finishing it for Christmas, despite having a music gig tomorrow night to prepair for.  That will take part of tomorrow, and, of course, no knitting tomorrow night.  At least he knows I love him a lot!


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