Knitting opportunities, aka waiting

Today will have lots of knitting opportunities, aka waiting.  I need to go see one of my surgeons for my pre-op visit.  Mostly, she wants money up front.  Waiting room knitting has been arranged – I’m working on my brown sock for the October brown sock KAL of the Solid Sock Ravelry group. The pattern is Fern Clog Socks.  Since I live in Birkenstocks, a clog sock pattern should be lots of fun to wear.   I’m anticipating enough opportunities today that a picture should be ready soon.

Then I really must go to the Toyota dealer’s service area and have them change the oil and whatever else they say must be done at this mileage.  That certainly will be a knitting opportunity.  Le sigh.  Oh well,  I’m not about to head out for Missouri and Oklahoma with the service automobile light on.

While I’m in Baton Rouge, I should run several other errands.  I no longer run into town when something is needed, but try to make the “great circle route” of errands when I do go.  Are we having fun yet?

Week’s weight loss:  4 pounds.  Thanks for holding me accountable.


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