Sunday surprise

I was getting ready for church Sunday morning when I walked over to my dresser, near the bedroom window.  This is what I saw: our Blue Heron.  I consider such a sighting a real gift because he is the shyest and sharpest-eyed of birds.  Normally, if the Blue Heron were on our side of the lake and I stepped one step nearer to the window, he would see that, startle, and fly away.  Today, I was truly blessed to be able to observe him for a long time, and even step to the window and take pictures.  This time, I left before he did!  I have wanted to show him to you for the longest time, but typically I see him at twilight, and on the far shore.

Wikipedia tells me that this is a young bird, because his bill is gray-yellow instead of brighter, and he has no plume on his crown yet.  (Perhaps it was an older, more wily bird that I have startled in the past.)  They have a wingspan of 71 inches, and weigh about 5 – 8 pounds.  Whoa!  I just know that, in flight, they are one of God’s most beautiful birds.

This afternoon I went out to take a “Heron-eyed” shot of the house.  The bank of the lake shore is steep over by the cypress tree (that’s what you are seeing to the heron’s right). I tried to get down where the bird was standing, but really couldn’t get low enough unless I wanted to have wet feet, too. (All I could think of was “don’t lose your birthday camera!”)  This is the view from the lake’s edge,  looking back toward our master suite windows.  Imagine the visual acuity of a bird that can catch the motion of someone starting in the center of that room and moving one step toward the windows.


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  1. Marsha said,

    October 6, 2008 at 11:24 am

    I love catching sites of these every once in a while. I’ve seen one standing on the fountainhead in a pond we pass on the way to and from work. Well actually, all I really see is the outline shape in the reflectionon lights on the pond since it’s about 5:45 am. He must feel safe out there in the middle and no one can sneak up on him. Too cool.

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