And now, for something entirely different…

It doesn’t take much detective work to know that Meezermeowmy usually knits socks and shawls.  Here and there have been detours into worsted weight yarn, but my usual knitting dalliance involves fingering weight and lighter yarns.

My big change began as I read the Rowan 30th anniversary issue.  It’s a beaut, and my first exposure to Rowan.  So what is a geeky knitter to do when confronted with an entire half-inch thick (oops, British publication, make that 1.27 cm) knitting magazine featuring yarns I don’t know?  Ravel them, of course.  A pleasant morning was passed looking at patterns, looking up the featured yarn, and penciling in its weight.

As I discovered Rowan yarns, I came across a listing for Rowan Biggy Print.  Wait a minute, I think I have some of that in my stash!  Sounds improbable, I know, but several years ago at  Bette Bornside’s fall sale I bought a grab-bag of all-wool yarn.  It included two skeins of Biggy Print, which I thought I might untwist and use as singles, at half the bulk.  Consider that sock yarn is about 400 yards/100 grams.  This puppy is 33 yards/100 grams!

Ravelry to the rescue once more, I found the French Girl scarf pattern.  It calls for 3 skeins on size 35 needles.  Get real – 35? I actually have some size 17’s that I was given with a heritage stash, so I cast on 11 stitches, and knit away.  This will be a Christmas gift for one who doesn’t read blogs.

I’ve learned several things.  First, Casper was fascinated with straight aluminum needles that swish, swish and wave about on each stitch.  He also wanted to capture the yarn with each movement.  He has never paid attention to my knitting before.  Perhaps it had to be big enough to get his attention.

Second, my poor hands and wrists think knitting on straight needles with super bulky yarn is a significant sacrifice.  Get it done so we can get back to normal knitting around here. 

Minky says “That big knitting doesn’t leave lap room for me!”



  1. Knitnana said,

    September 23, 2008 at 8:08 am

    My hands agree with yours!! But isn’t Rowan 30 amazing!!! I’m drooling.

    Perhaps Cellini in Felted Tweed? (It’s DK weight…a bit smaller)

    That’s one I’m going to try…
    (But your scarf is very pretty!)

  2. Jennifer said,

    September 24, 2008 at 6:29 am

    Ha – I love a yarn with a name like “Biggy Print”. That just about says it all. It looks like a fun fulfilling project. Enjoy.

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