Sock knitting and a Gustav update

Sock knitting has happened, although knitting is not providing as much solace as it usually does. This is the sock I am knitting for the Solid Sock group’s (Ravelry) September orange sock KAL.  It is Araucania Ranco Solid, color #105, Paprika, and the pattern is Bells and Whistles by Mona Schmidt.

My restlessness is fueled by the changes in my world.  Stores are, for the most part, still closed due to power outages, so “shopping therapy”  isn’t available.  Our daughter, son-in-law, two-year-old grandson, and their two cats remain as house guests; power remains off at their apartment.  The public library hasn’t reopened yet, either.

There have been some positive things sited this weekend. The roses, battered by many hours of hurricane Gustav, have budded and bloomed again.  This one is Perfume Delight, a damask rose, the genetic grandaughter of Chrysler Imperial.

Grass has also eagerly invaded the rose garden, as you can see.  DH has weeded a little, but must take it in stages as he recovers from surgery.  I’m glad he was able to get out and enjoy puttering in the roses so soon, though.

St. Patrick’s church has closed its feeding station as the worst of the power outages has resolved here in Zachary.  They served 2,100 plates of food in three days – an astounding number for an effort by a small group of people.  Yesterday St. Anna’s Mobile Medical Unit from New Orleans came and parked at St. Patrick’s.  They are staffed with doctor and nurses, and offered everything from evaluations to vaccines as their outreach service.  For the past three years, all efforts have been directed down to New Orleans; now they have come to help us.

As I watched the storm blow for hours on end, pushing white-capped waves across our lake from East to West, I worried where our ducks, egrets, and herons would find shelter.  They managed…today I saw the flotilla  of mallards, led by their white goose, paddling down the lake.  Then, on the far shore, I spotted our egret.  Oh, joy! Not only was I glad to see her, but that would be a worthy trial for the telephoto lens of my birthday camera.

I think it did very well…see the egret’s reflection in the water?  DH gave me a Nikon Coolpix S550, and so far I have been very pleased.  It can do much more than I have asked of it, but it is still new to me.  I have been most pleased with its color fidelity.


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  1. AlisonH said,

    September 8, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    During all those hurricanes in Florida a few years back, my son helped cook up 6500 salisbury steaks at a Red Cross shelter, and said it felt really good to be able to actually do something for others with all that going on.

    I need to get me a new camera, so I’m glad you like yours–I’m looking for good advice. I so love egrets. There’s always at least one in the Baylands marsh to be seen on my way to the post office here.

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