Get Up and Do It Again

Day 2 of St. Patrick’s respite feeding, more volunteers, more supplies.  Episcopal Relief is sending funds, and we received a shipment of to-go boxes and bottled water.

Today’s menu was much appreciated by the locals:  “Bambi in gravy” on rice, with black-eyed peas and mixed vegetables, brownie for dessert.  (I took my diet meal of beans, thank you very much.)  Hunters have donated from their freezers deer sausage and deer roasts.  They have been keeping the freezers going with generators while they wait for power to come back on.

I spend the day on two tasks:  cooking rice and washing huge pots.  I had taken my 19-quart electric roaster to the church when we set up to cook for crowds.  It is Teflon-coated, and turned out to be an excellent way to cook, well, 19 quarts of rice at a time.  The hardest part was watching to make sure Fr. Chad didn’t come in and lift the lid to check on it.  Every time you do that you lose a lot of time while it has to make up for the heat lost!  I’d turn my back and concentrate on scrubbing a pot, and hear the clang of the lid going up – not again!

A year ago, I couldn’t stand for an hour.  I had to sit down in parts of the church service where I was expected to stand.  Now I have served two long days of service doing physical labor in the kitchen, with very few breaks.  I write this as both a hallmark of how far I have come, and as an admission that I can’t yet do three days in a row.  I’ll be home today.  There will be much more to do, with months of hurricane recovery ahead.

Pictures soon.  DH ordered a proper camera for my birthday (birthday went by while he was in the hospital.)  The camera was delivered last night, and its battery has charged overnight.  Now we’ll see what it can do.


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