Our Brave New World

Today I received an email from our priest, Father Chad (St. Patrick’s Episcopal) saying

“The disciples said to Jesus, ‘Lord, send them away for it is late and they have had nothing to eat.’ And Jesus said to them, ‘Don’t send them away…YOU feed them!

We have enough food to feed all of Zachary and that is exactly what we plan to do.  If you are where you can, come to the church.  We will feed you and we will put you to work.  Come quickly!  The crowd will be heavy.  This is what the church does, and it is going to be great fun.

So I went.  We cooked elbow macaroni and meat spaghetti sauce, and served it with green beans.  We set up for folks to drive through and be handed plates to go.  Every time we ran out of something, a way was found to replace it.  The seafood restaurant on the corner gave us a large package of to-go boxes.  We used up all of those, too.  Father Chad figured we served about 100 plates/hour for 3.5 hours today.  We’ll do it again tomorrow.

St. Patrick’s is a day school as well as a church, and our teachers were there helping serve food (as volunteers).  Fr. Chad knows how to hold out a carrot – they were invited to bring their laundry along and use the school’s washer/dryer while they worked in the kitchen.  Hey – when you are out of power, such are life’s little luxuries!

Meanwhile, our son-in-law was on the great hunt for gasoline for his car.  He had about 1/8th tank, so couldn’t drive to work around the parish.  (He is a computer support guy for a national company.)  Finally, the line looked a bit shorter, so he gave it a try.  He just arrived home after only 1.5 hours in line, victorious!  Many have spent 4-5 hours in gas lines, so he did really well by waiting.

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