Meezer happiness and a recovering Louisiana

We are going about life, grateful for what we have.  The Meezers are collectively extremely grateful that DH is home; less so that our 2-year-old grandson is staying with us.  He’s a fine boy, but they are uneasy about humans that size.  Wait until they find out that our son-in-law has gone back to their apartment to fetch their two cats!  All guest cats will remain in the guest room, unless the grandson lets them out.  I don’t even want to think about the turf war that could cause!

DH and the cats are observing that fine tradition, “universal kitty nap time”.  That’s the time mid-day when no kitty can keep its eyes open any longer.  DH’s recuperation continues to progress, but naps are much appreciated.

A little update on the town is in order.  The grocery store a mile from here is open.  I went out to make a supplemental grocery run now that our refrigerator is up and running.  We hadn’t stocked for our house guests, so this was my chance.  The grocery  has eight registers operating, and each has a line that stretches to the back of the store.  I have never seen so many people in that store before.  I finally decided that people had brought whole families to go shopping because the store had power and air-conditioning.  It was a matter of buying what they had that you could use.  You could tell who had power or gas stoves and could cook vs. those who had no refrigeration and were buying cans of ravioli.  The city had posted a policeman at the store, but he was mostly being courteous to folks and enjoying the air-conditioning himself.

The drive home again had to be circuitous, but not due to flooding.  The Shell gas station down on the corner has gas, and they are dispensing it to a line of cars that stretches around six blocks.  Again, city police presence is cheerful and helpful, but no-nonsense.  I couldn’t come home the short way because it would have put me in the line.

We saw our neighbor out on the lawn talking this morning, and went out to chat.  It seems that his chimney was blown over onto his roof yesterday a.m.  They have a hole in the roof, and water damage to dry wall and carpet.  (Would that be “wet wall”?)  This happened in the heavy feeder bands after Gustav had moved past us up to the northern part of the state.  The chimney was on the far side of their house, so we hadn’t seen the damage.


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  1. AlisonH said,

    September 4, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    Yowsers. And yet, there’s something about everybody going through something together that brings a community together. I’m sitting here remembering the Loma Prieta quake here: everybody felt this tremendous sense of belonging and responsibility towards each other, strangers and friends.

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