What I go through for you!

There I was, in Louisiana, in the August sun, smiling for the camera. No problem, you say? Take a look: there I was, in long sleeves and my Striped Modular Vest, trying to look as pleased as I will be when it will be winter and I will be grateful for a Merino vest! Meanwhile, I am back in the house, back in my shorts, but still doing a FO happy dance.

It was difficult to keep the Meezers off the vest while it dried. They seem to think that something as cozy as a good wool knit garment was meant for their comfort. I love them, but not that much.

I have posted pictures of the two girls, but not much of Casper, DH’s cat. He fancies himself to be a computer supervisor and a paperweight. In fact, Casper will sit on anything that is spread out ceremoniously. You can see him officiating over pictures on several of my Ravelry projects.

Here is the Casper view I have from my keyboard: Casper acting as paperweight for a sewing notions catalog. He doesn’t realize it was left there as a decoy for his attention. As long as he has something to sit on, he pretty much ignores other pieces of paper. And yes, he does know he is that handsome!

1 Comment

  1. AlisonH said,

    August 20, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    Congratulations on finishing a beautiful vest! The ducks are cute; if you’d like to hear some serenading you, here’s http://sandraboynton.com/sboynton/boyntonentertainment_alsoquackedzara.html
    Meantime, Casper is just being friendly to live up to his ghostly name, right? He’s one gorgeous cat.

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