Enjoying my life

Yesterday I went to the kitchen to get a cold drink, and glanced out the window toward the lake. It was mid-afternoon, a warm, lazy Louisiana day. There, under the birch tree, was part of the Mallard flock, observing nap time. I couldn’t resist: must get closer picture! I quietly stepped out the back door, moving just a few feet, then stopping. Good, ducks still in place. A few more feet advanced, a few ducks awake, but nobody left. I was feeling bolder; this was good. Maybe just a few more feet for a good picture. Human alert!

Everybody in the lake! I hated to disturb their nap, but at least I did get some decent ducky pics for you.

Knitting has been happening here at the lake, mostly accompanied by Olympic watching. As you will recall, I was certain that my Online Supersock Afrika would have to be fraternal twins, due to the extremely long repeat on the colors. It turns out that I was being unduly pessimistic. (New picture was taken inside on a rainy afternoon, so color isn’t true.) As you can see, I was able to start again with the plain white that goes into the plain gray (what I think of as the “elephant” in the Afrika sock). I’ll be taking this one along tonight to a Homeowner’s Association Meeting, so more knitterly progress should happen.

I also have been knitting along on the Secret of the Stole-III (SOTS-III). Today I finished clue 1, and posted my picture as required to play along. This picture, too, suffered from afternoon rain. It shows the right half of the shawl. The directions for putting the individual beads on a stitch recommended a size 14 crochet hook. I have one, but it was splitting the yarn. These 6/0 beads have generous holes, so I experimented with #13, then #12, and finally settled on a #11 crochet hook. It easily slips through the bead, and grabs the yarn without fiddling or splitting. I’m happy!

The yarn is Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Horizon, a discontinued color.

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  1. August 20, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Louisiana? Hi Neighbor…Your sock and your stole look great! 2 days to hint #2…

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