Friday Fun

Our firstborn had a 4″ red ball she loved. We called the game “catch” when she was about two years old. In reality, she threw the ball as hard has she could, and we brought it back so she could throw it again.

Our parents lived several states away, so a summer trip home was organized to visit. My Dad had a jewelry store in a farming community. Because he was pretty much tied to the store during the day. he arranged for a local farmer to drop off a large basket of tomatoes at the store. When Dad came home for lunch, he brought the tomato basket, and put it on the floor near the refrigerator.

“Ball!” crowed dd, and ran for the basket. Before I could catch her she had picked up a 4″ tomato and (say it together now) thrown it as hard as she could.

Thank heavens she was turned towards the tile floor, and not the pastel oriental rug under the table. (Oh, see yesterday’s picture of Minky. The rug lives on, now in my living room.)


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