When did THAT happen?

We spent Saturday and Sunday in the northern part of Louisiana, attending Order of the Eastern Star visits (I’m a state officer this year).  It was far enough from home that we spent Saturday night in a hotel in Vidalia, LA, which is on the Mississippi River across from Natchez, MS.   DH humored me, and payed the small extra charge to get a room on the river side of the hotel, to enjoy the river and the view of Natchez lit up at night.

He took his current reading, and I my knitting (Christmas at Sea seaman’s scarf) and knitting podcasts on my MP3 player.  Given these creature comforts, and a picture window looking out on the river, we didn’t even open the armor  that held the TV.  Heck, I couldn’t even testify that the room had a TV.  So when we got back home and caught the 10 o’clock news Sunday night, poof, there was a tropical storm at the mouth of the Mississippi.  What?  When did that happen?

Turns out it developed, quickly, on Saturday.  Just passing through, headed for Texas, they think.  Maybe my crunchy yard will get some needed rain.  Gotta keep in touch better, though.


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