Stash appreciation

Well, yes, we all appreciate our stash.  But have you considered how much your stash has appreciated, since you purchased all that yummy yarn?  It's been a pretty good investment hedge; many of us have done better than the current stock market.  At least, in these hard times, we can knit without guilt if the yarn can come out of our own storage. 

My parents were molded by the Great Depression.  Dad was 18 when the stock market crashed, and Mom was 8.
 So many things changed.  Dad's family lost two farms to save the third.  There has not been a mortgage on that third farm to date!  My Dad was a high school track and football star, and was recruited by colleges as far away from his S.E. Iowa home as Notre Dame.  However, he chose Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant, IA because it meant he could get home on occasion and bring back to college canning and produce from the farm.  He told the story of one of his roommates who came from "back East", and couldn't go home during the year.  He earned his college money by raking leaves, or shoveling snow, or mowing yards for the widows in town, depending on the season.  Somehow it always slipped out that he was at Wesleyan studying for the ministry.  Thus he was able to provide cookies, pies, cakes, and jams for the apartment! 

Mom was a "city girl".  Her story of the Depression tomorrow.

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