A weekend of knitterly surprises!

Last time I wrote about the happy ending with the OnLine yarn and the mother of the bride who needed to knit just one more pedicure sock.  I happily sent my yarn remnant off to Texas, and thought that was the end of the story.  Low and behold (who says that anymore?!) Saturday's post brought a package from Texas, with two skeins of Schoeller and Stahl Limbo yarn.  It's oh-so-soft and woolly.  Now, I'd not knit in DK weight before, mainly because my feet are wide.  I've always thought I needed all the ease I could get, and knit only with fingering weight.  But this yarn called to me,    

and after all, it was a gift.  So I did the knitterly thing and scanned all the projects on Ravelry first, just to reassure myself that a pair of socks could be knit from two skeins of this yarn…then I cast on. 

I must tell you that this is the plushest, most comforting wool I've worn.  And yes, the sock does fit nicely in my Birkenstocks.  This will certainly be a fall/winter pair of socks for Louisiana, and I can hardly wait to wear them.  Many thanks to Robin S, aka mother of the bride, for the yarn.  It wasn't expected, but it certainly is appreciated.

I have another pair of socks done, which I will post in the next two-week period of Summer of Socks.  The pattern is called Brigit (unfortunately, the link for the pattern no longer works, so I can't send you there.)   They

are knit
with Shibuiknits in Jonquil from the Loopy Ewe (www.loopyewe.com), on #1 circulars.  I believe these are the most complicated socks I have ever knit, and I am exceedingly proud of them. 

But wait!  (as the infomercials say).  This morning I opened my email to find that I had won the blogversary contest  at http://mvwindwalker.blogspot.com/
Happy dance following my finished object dance!  I just love anticipating packages in the mail!  Pictures will follow upon arrival. 

Casper, waiting for his attention on my sewing table.  He would like you to notice how handsome he looks beside the lace curtain. 

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1 Comment

  1. huldretime said,

    July 19, 2008 at 4:43 am

    Hei from Europe!
    What a beautiful cat you have!!!! Just lovely….and a nice blog with so pretty socks as well.
    I have a Norwegian Forestcat, which I love tons! will have new pix out of her soon in my new blog http://www.bea3855.blogspot.com! Welcome!
    Happy Weekend!

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