Casper the Paw

Here is Casper the Paw, with his favorite cabinet to open.  If there is only one cabinet found standing open, this will be it.  Inside are boxes of cereal and the ice tea maker, none of which particularly interest him…it's just a handy cabinet to open.

When we are gone for the day, Mr. le Paw shows his displeasure by opening cabinets.  The more unhappy he is, the more doors we find standing open.  Twice this has been disastrous.  Once we arrived home to a very pungent smell, and Balsamic Vinegar drained across the tile floor grout.  Casper had opened a cabinet door and pulled out the vinegar bottle, which shattered on the tile.  What a mess!

The second fiasco was easier to clean up, but more heartbreaking.  This time le Paw had been into the upper cabinets.  He selected a crystal wine goblet for himself, and pulled it out, where it shattered on the granite counter top.  'Twas a wedding shower gift from my parents.  We put an end to that:  baby locks! 

Still, a bored Meezer is a force to be reckoned with.  Now he's branched out into opening drawers.  I recently caught Casper opening a drawer in my studio, allowing Torie to get  the micro duster out for herself.  Sheesh – teamwork! 

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