Tell them about me, Meowmy!

"You haven't introduced me!"

Oh, alright.  This is Casper, the third meezer in the "Texas Pride", DH's cat.  He is a Flame Point, although perhaps hard to see that aspect in this photo.  Flame Points have an orange tinge where meezers are darker, and are white elsewhere.  As you can see in my icon, he has beautiful ice-blue eyes. Casper fancies himself to be a paperweight, and extends that duty to sitting on all knitwear that is being blocked or photographed.

As you might expect, Casper is from Texas Siamese
Rescue.  We actually went over to Denton, Texas expecting to bring home a Tonkinese male to complete our family.  However, he had health issues, and the search was on for the right cat.  I felt like one of the Prince's servants, carrying a glass slipper on a pillow from house to house, looking for the perfect fit. 

DH and I entered one room where he was immediately greeted by a Russian Blue cat.  This was good – I'm the "cat person", and if a cat really likes DH, all the better.  Not good…the Russian hated me…he was a man's cat, only.  Le sigh.  The search continued. 

GrandMeowmy (the director of Texas Siamese Rescue) has the patience of a saint.  I believe we made the acquaintance of all the cats there.  She knew who had to be an "only cat", who was dominant, passive, shy, aggressive.   When  a cat tried, but  didn't work for us, she told it "You did a good job, you showed really well, this just isn't your family."  That breaks my heart even today! 

GrandMeowmy pulled Casper out from his hiding place under a chair that was draped with a towel.  Casper (the friendly ghost) specialized in being there without being seen.  He was an agreeable fellow, equally accepting of both DH and me.  GrandMeowmy explained that flame points were created by crossing Siamese with Red Tabby, who are known for their marvelous disposition.  Most flame points are males.  "He's the real thing" she said.  All this time Casper was being held by DH, and getting comfy there.  It was felt that he would get along with Torie, our "warrior princess" and The Lady Minky.  The glass slipper fit:  we had found our boy cat. 

Casper received less than a royal welcome in Louisiana.  After an isolation period behind closed door (with much muttering on both sides) the door was casually left open.  Torie spend the next two weeks spitting and hissing at Casper.  Casper would look at her over his shoulder, "You have a problem?"  and walk on.  Over time they have developed roles, territories, and household duties.  Torie is in charge, and still bullies Casper a bit, but they seem to enjoy chasing each other.

The ghostly aspect of Casper seems to be a real talent.  If you look beyond Casper in the picture you can see we have hardwood floors, white woodwork, and golden beige walls…Casper colors.  He can disappear anywhere in this house.  We know he is chuckling at us in plain sight, yet we search and search for him. 

Tomorrow:  "Casper the paw"

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  1. July 11, 2008 at 8:13 am

    Beautiful shawl. And cute kitty.
    You're much more patient- and animal friendly- than I am- I'd have a cow if my cat decided to sit on my blocking shawl!) No, I have no

  2. Barbara-Kay said,

    July 11, 2008 at 8:51 am

    The good news is that he isn't destructive, he just "donates" white fur to everything! Glad you like the shawl.

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