The Lady Minky

May I introduce The Lady Minky, known to her friends as Minky. She is the senior Meezer, being two years older than Torie and Casper.  Minky is a chocolate-point Siamese, the first cat we brought home from Texas Siamese Rescue. 

Minky is well known for being a lap cat, a knitting supervisor, and a grand dame.  She has a tendency to wave her extended right paw at things she wants, and pronounce the "imperial we". 

Now that you have been properly introduced to the ladies, I should tell you about their vocabularies.  Siamese are very talkative cats, and Torie, especially, has always called me "An-wah".  It seems to be as close as she can come to "Nana", the name my grandchildren call me. 

Recently, Minky was being unceremoniously packaged in the cat carrier  for the two-block ride to her V-E-T.  She had a respiratory infection,  and really needed to be treated, despite her protests to the contrary.  When I continued to ignore her protests, Minky said "An-wah!"  Whoa, you could have knocked me over with a meezer whippy-tail!  She had learned Torie's name for me, and used it herself!  That was as big an achievement as the gorilla who taught sign language to another gorilla! 

This is a basket of sock yarn, pitifully waiting for tomorrow to begin Summer of Socks 2008.  That's Wollmeise Blue Suzanne in the center, at 2 o'clock is On Line Supersocke, Holiday, then Shibui Jonquil at 4, Fleece Artist Rose Garden at 6, Lorna's Laces Butterscotch at 8, and some purple Opal at 10.  Hiding under the pile is some Sockpixie Asparagus for Wendy's Asparagus Cable socks.

Ambitious enough for you?  Waiting is hard! 

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